Our passion lies in creating environments that
go beyond aesthetics, nurturing emotional
connections and fostering a sense of well-being.

With a dedication to sustainability and organic
minimal living, we gravitate towards essential forms and subtle raw materials, infusing each design with a timeless elegance and a touch of soul.



At St. Etienne Studio, we are more than designers; we are storytellers, weaving narratives that celebrate the beauty of diversity and the richness of life.

 Join us on a journey of transformation as we embark on a quest to create spaces that inspire, uplift, and enrich the human spirit.


Reverence for the Moon

We hold a deep reverence for the moon and its role in shaping Earth's natural processes, from tides and currents to the cycles of life.


We prioritize sustainable practices in all aspects of our work, honoring the delicate balance of the natural world.


Inspired by the resilience embedded within our culture and the adaptability of water to the moon’s gravitational forces, we strive to embody strength and perseverance in all that we do.

Cultural Preservation

We are committed to preserving and perpetuating ancient weaving and craft techniques as a homage to our heritage and the wisdom of our ancestors.