“Every Stitch, Every Wave, Every Shape, Every Dream, Infused with the Magic of the Cosmos.”


Embark on a journey of cosmic enchantment with MAREA. Inspired by the mesmerizing dance between the moon and Earth, this collection blends sustainable materials with celestial energy to create furniture that resonates
with the rhythms of the universe.

Explore the magic of MAREA and invite the tidal forces of the cosmos into your home.



Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Myst Sofa is a testament to artisanal mastery.

Embrace the fluid elegance of the Myst Sofa, a masterpiece designed to harmonize seamlessly with the ebb and flow of your space.

Crafted with versatility at its core, this modular marvel allows you to effortlessly reshape and reconfigure it to suit your ever-changing needs, mirroring the gentle dance of the tides.

At its essence is a symbol of tranquility and connection, perfect for moments of communal gathering where laughter and conversation flow freely. As a standalone piece, the Myst Sofa beckons you to retreat into your own personal sanctuary, inviting moments of introspection and quiet contemplation, akin to the different phases of the moon and their influence on our internal cycles.

The Myst Sofa is more than an item of furniture; it is a vessel for shared experiences and cherished memories. With its dual parts, it becomes a space where two souls can intertwine, where whispered secrets and shared dreams find a home.



As you settle into its embrace, you’ll feel the rhythm of the weave, a harmonious echo of the lunar cycle.

Experience a captivating fusion of artistry and heritage with the Selene Chair, where every thread whispers the story of the moon’s dance across the sky.

Crafted with meticulous care, the fabric of the Selene Chair is a tribute to the lunar phases, each intricately woven by the skilled hands of Mayan descendants using ancient pedal loom techniques. It’s a labor of love that spans several days, with every thread spun one by one, honoring centuries-old artisanal methods.

As you run your fingers over the surface of the chair, you’ll feel the rhythm of the weave, a mesmerizing dance that mirrors the celestial ballet of the moon. Each intricate pattern tells a tale of patience, perseverance, and the timeless beauty of handmade craftsmanship.

 The Selene Chair embodies a deep symbolism – a play of light and darkness. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, casting its gentle glow upon the Earth, so too does the chair
reflect the delicate balance between these opposing forces. It’s a reminder that light and darkness are not adversaries but essential partners in the dance of life, each enriching the other in ways both seen and unseen.

The Selene Chair invites us to embrace the cycles of existence – the highs and lows, the moments of illumination and shadow. It is only by acknowledging and honoring both that we can truly appreciate the beauty and complexity of our shared human experience.


To place an order, please reach out to us via email at hola@st-etienne.design.

We will be grateful to assist you in bringing these exquisite pieces into your home.